STEM & VPA Academies

STEM & VPA Academies

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STEM and VPA Application for the 2023-2024 school year

STEM Academy

Our STEM courses are designed so that students have the opportunity to develop multi-cultural relationships within teams, to collaboratively solve problems and to develop leadership skills. STEM students will:

  • Utilize advanced technology and equipment in their STEM courses.
  • Investigate a wide variety of STEM-related fields, such as: robotics; biotechnology; renewable energy & sustainable living; assistive technologies; structural engineering; biomedical engineering; computer science, and others.
  • Collaborate with local businesses and industry through the Skyline Innovation Center.

VPA Academy

Skyline provides a rigorous, comprehensive and technology-infused arts program that will prepare our students for post-secondary education, careers, and other creative fields. VPA students will:

  • Choose an emphasis in Visual Arts or Performing Arts, benefitting from advanced courses in the visual arts, music, theater and/or dance.
  • Work with practicing artists in the community, compete in regional and state music and arts programs.
  • Create a comprehensive portfolio as part of the required VPA Capstone course during senior year.

Capstone Work

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