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The mission of the Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics (STEM) Academy at Skyline High School is to help students realize their potential for success by supporting their exploration of STEM-Related fields, by encouraging the development of critical thinking skills, and by providing them with a head start in pursuing their post-secondary education.

STEM Academy

Our STEM courses are designed so that students have the opportunity to develop multi-cultural relationships within teams, to collaboratively solve problems and to develop leadership skills. STEM students will:

  • Utilize advanced technology and equipment in their STEM courses.
  • Investigate a wide variety of STEM-related fields, such as: robotics; biotechnology; renewable energy & sustainable living; assistive technologies; structural engineering; biomedical engineering; computer science, and others.
  • Collaborate with local businesses and industry through the Skyline Innovation Center.


Students in Skyline’s STEM Academy will complete 4.0 credits and a relevant capstone.  Coursework at Skyline includes Explorations in STEM, Creative Engineering, Advanced Engineering and Senior Design (capstone class).  

Our project-based curriculum revolves around the engineering design cycle and allows students to be hands-on as they explore different STEM fields.  Students build and create solutions to real world problems while developing their communication and collaboration skills.

FalconBots, Skyline’s after school Robotics Club, competes in VEX VRC competitions.  Students are welcome to join!

Students at Skyline can focus in several STEM areas by completing 4.0 credits, including a relevant capstone.  STEM courses offered at Skyline include Explorations in STEM, Creative Engineering, Advanced Engineering, and Senior Design.

College Partnerships

CU Boulder (College of Engineering & Applied Science)

The Skyline High School STEM Academy has a unique partnership with the College of Engineering and Applied Science at the University of Colorado at Boulder. High performing students graduating from the Skyline High School STEM Academy have the ability to earn guaranteed admission into the University of Colorado’s College of Engineering & Applied Science. Coursework, GPA, and test score requirements are detailed here.

Western Colorado University – CU Boulder

Skyline High School has partnered with Western Colorado University to provide students that meet specified requirements guaranteed admission to the CU Boulder partner programs in Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science. Additionally, students earn full tuition for their first two years through the Paul Rady Scholarship.

Learn more about how to enroll in STEM by contacting Amanda Giuliani and your alpha counselor at Skyline.

STEM Coordinator

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