Choosing a school for your student is an important personal step in charting their future path. Toward this end, St. Vrain offers a diverse and extensive selection of rigorous academic and co-curricular programs that provide you and your student choice in selecting a school that best aligns with their interests and educational goals. 

Skyline High School welcomes students from across St. Vrain Valley Schools, and neighboring school districts in a dynamic and supportive school environment.

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Neighborhood School Enrollment

You can confirm if Skyline High is your neighborhood school on the district’s Maps and Boundaries page.

To register for Skyline High School as your neighborhood school, a new student must be a resident of the District (proof of residency is required). If you are not a resident of the district, please see open enrollment instructions below.

The new student must have:

  • a birth certificate or its equivalent
  • up-to-date immunization records
  • evidence of a recent physical examination is requested
  • name, address, and telephone number of last school attended

Open Enrollment

Students who desire to attend a school or program outside of their designated attendance area may apply for Open Enrollment/Nonresidence authorization for the school or program of their choice. In order to apply, an Open Enrollment/Nonresident Application must be filled out.