Advanced Placement & Honors

Honors Courses

Skyline High School offers eight Honors level classes. These classes take the subject matter to an increased depth compared to the non-Honors version of the class. Honors classes for freshmen and sophomores are also weighted. An A counts as 4.5 on a 4.0 scale.

Advanced Placement (AP) Courses

Skyline High School participates in the College Board’s National Advanced Placement (AP) program with 23 weighted-grade course options

Upon completion of an AP course, a student may choose to take the AP examination in May. A student’s score on the examination may grant credit and/or placement in a higher-level course upon entry in a college/university. The cost of the examination is the student’s responsibility. However, the Skyline Education Foundation will pay half of the costs of core subject exams.

Advanced Placement courses will be weighted as follows: A=5.0; B=4.0; C=3.0; D=2.0; F=0.

AP Capstone Diploma

Please contact Chris Gardner for additional information.

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