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Skyline Education Foundation

The Skyline Education Foundation supports the ongoing success of Skyline students, teachers, staff, and alumni.

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The Skyline Education Foundation is a non-profit organization composed of Skyline parents, staff and students that seeks to encourage, support, and recognize individual student growth and achievement at Skyline High School, including providing financial support for Skyline students to experience Advanced Placement (AP) courses. AP courses provide students with a rigorous college-level academic experience, potential for college credit and scholarships, and recognition from the AP Scholar Program. The Skyline Education Foundation pays for half of the costs of core AP exams, which totaled $17,672 and 362 exams that were supported in 2020. 

One way you can support the Skyline Education Foundation is by selecting this charity whenever you order through Amazon utilizing AmazonSmile. To learn more about AmazonSmile, click here. If you would like to learn more about the Skyline Education Foundation and the Advanced Placement Program at Skyline, contact Chris Gardner.

Skyline Advanced Placement Coordinator:

Booster Club

Membership is what really drives our Booster Club.  Our task as an organization is to help fill in the gap when school and district funding runs out.  We try and help organizations that need help with awards banquets, trips to competitions come up short, or by being the business side of concessions at sporting events, allowing teams to earn money to support their seasons.  Last year, we helped put almost $7500.00 in the hands of Skyline teams.

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