Skyline High School Cultivates Global Citizenship and Volunteerism in Spanish Class

Skyline HS students volunteer at the OUR Center in Longmont

In Mrs. Juarez’s Spanish 4 class at Skyline High School, students are studying the unit of Communities and Global Citizenship, which connects language learning with real-world applications and global perspectives. Through the coursework, students explore topics related to community challenges and the importance of global citizenship, while also enhancing their Spanish language skills.

The objectives of the unit for students include understanding the characteristics and behaviors of global citizens, and fostering awareness of how language, communication, and empathy play vital roles in strengthening connections within communities and contributing to positive change on a local and global scale. Additionally, the unit presents them with opportunities to contribute to their local community through volunteer work. Mrs. Juarez’s goal is to educate them on the impact volunteering can have on others and to emphasize how it enables individuals to establish community connections.

Skyline HS students volunteering at the OUR Center in Longmont

“As students go through the unit, I want them to comprehend that global citizens actively engage in civic life at all levels and strive to make a difference in their community,” explained Juarez.”

As part of their coursework, students dedicated three hours to volunteering at the OUR Center in Longmont, a non-profit organization focused on providing food assistance, resources, and teaching essential skills to individuals and families. The decision to collaborate with the OUR Center stemmed from personal connections and experiences.

One group of students took on the responsibility of filling containers with essential items such as shampoo and liquid soap, ensuring these necessities were readily available for community members in need. Another group focused on inspecting fruit and vegetables, sorting them by quality, and organizing them into separate containers. The remaining group dedicated their time to sorting through donated clothing, hanging it, and organizing it for easy access.

Among these students, junior Keira Reuter volunteered to distribute essential items and assist with composting activities. Reflecting on her contribution, Keira stated, “This opportunity helped me understand various ways we can support others within our community, ranging from small gestures to larger commitments. I learned about global community service efforts and how I can also be a better global citizen.”

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