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Skyline High School’s Extracurricular Activities Foster Student Engagement and Success

Skyline students participating in La Raza club

From STEM clubs to debate teams, participating in extracurricular activities can provide students with valuable opportunities to explore their individual interests outside the classroom. 

As students participate in these activities they learn valuable skills such as time management, problem-solving, and teamwork.

Students who are actively involved in school clubs or other extracurricular activities are more likely to feel connected to their school and take pride in their accomplishments, leading to higher levels of academic achievement and overall well-being. Not only do they offer opportunities for personal growth and skill-building, they also provide a sense of belonging and connection to the school community.

At Skyline High School students have access to over 20 extracurricular activities, from school-sponsored clubs such as DECA, National Honor Society, Yearbook, Model United Nations, to non-curricular activities like Outdoor Ecological Club, Skyline Student Translators, Sci-Fi-Club, and many more. Having opportunities like these available to students helps create a meaningful and fulfilling school experience for them.

For Alejandra Garcia, who leads the La Raza Club, and her students, it’s about creating a sense of community and celebrating diverse backgrounds and traditions. Garcia encourages students to join by talking about the club during freshman welcome night, back to school night, and in her classes. “Our mission is to help students of different backgrounds and traditions to come together and preserve, promote, and spread their culture,” shared Garcia. She believes that by seeing others talk about their own personal experiences, and being part of the club will inspire them to join. “The club has helped create positive friend groups and has inspired students to pursue higher education, and to continue to be proud of their culture,” stated Garcia.

By fostering a culture of student engagement, Skyline is creating a stronger and more successful school community. Jeff Lund, who leads the Business and DECA club at Skyline, says being able to provide these opportunities to students is a vital part of his role as a teacher. “My goal coming to Skyline was to create an inclusive environment for all students,” shared Lund. “Our DECA chapter and business club offer unique opportunities for students to gain practical skills and college credits in business.”

Last November, Lund and his intern, Jaylene Jimenez, senior from Niwot High, started a Latino Parent class that meets once a month. Through their partnership with eForall, The Latino Chamber of Commerce, and Front Range Community College (FRCC), they work towards creating a supportive environment that empowers all students to succeed. The curriculum is in Spanish, and FRCC has created a special class for parents  to learn English. Lund is proud of the club’s success and grateful for the partnerships that made it possible. He hopes to continue creating opportunities for students and their families in the future. 

For teachers like Garcia and Lund, and many more, their dedication to the Skyline community extends far beyond the classroom. By continuing to prioritize student engagement and providing a variety of opportunities for students to explore their passions, Skyline High School is setting its students up for success in their future endeavors.

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