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FalconTECH Students Embark on the ENDURANCE CubeSat Mission

In conjunction with IBM, FalconTECH was selected as one of five teams nationwide to participate in the ENDURANCE CubeSat mission. The goal of this mission is to make space more accessible to everyone on the planet, and to streamline the process in providing school-aged children access to the wonders of space, with the goal to inspire the next generation of future leaders.

Six Skyline High School students have committed to the project for the next two years and will be working together to gain a more clear understanding of the coding that is required. “The first step in being chosen for this project was simply interest,” stated FalconTECH teacher, Tracie Zakavec. “Because it is a two year commitment, I needed students who had a strong interest in this project. The next step was to complete the Python with Data Science Digital Credential that is housed on Skill Build for Students.” Many of the students participating are in ninth grade, with a couple of tenth graders as leaders. During this project, students will also be using Python to code with the satellite and have been encouraged to complete the other two Python Credentials. 

“The Endurance project is an event that allows students to apply their coding and programming passions into something real,” stated Zakavec. “Our FalconTECH students have already spent a lot of time in class learning about coding languages, but it will be a real reward to see it being applied to a real life event.”

Because FalconTECH students have already been working towards their Associates Degree in Information Systems, Ms. Zakavec hopes that the ENDURANCE Mission will continue to prepare them by “opening their eyes a little differently, in areas that they can apply their programming skills to.” As students continue this mission these next two years, they will share what they are learning about satellite communications, with the hope that they encourage other students to research areas that they love.