College & Career

College & Career

“After high school, I want to…” 

The search for, and choice of, quality programs to continue your education should be tied to a student’s ICAP (Individual Career & Academic Plan).

Use to review your ICAP and connect to options for your future:

Log in to your student account:

  • Username: sv+first 6 characters of last name (.) first 6 characters of first name + day of birthdate (DD) Example: William Johnson born on Feb 6 = svjohnso.willia06
  • Password: sv = 6 digit student #  Example: sv123456

How to Reach Your Educational Goals

Here are a few good websites to explain and break down the steps of getting to your next educational goal:

KnowHow2Go – Four Steps to College

First In The Family – Advice from First Generation students

Fit + Funding = Finish

Continuing your education after high school generally pays off in gaining skills, experience, and increased compensation. But the potential high cost of that education can give many sticker shock! We encourage students (and parents) to start their after-high school planning early in order to find the school(s) that best suits your dreams AND needs (fit!), along with exploring options, like financial aid and scholarships, to help pay for it (funding!). Students with these aspects in place are more likely to graduate from their programs (finish!) and save time and money in doing so. Here are some resources to get started:

Finding the Right Fit


FAFSA Information

The videos below explain what to expect for the FAFSA application process. The first video is in English and the second is in Spanish.

FAFSA Information (English)

FAFSA Information (en Espanol)

College Corner

Your resource for connecting with opportunities related to continuing your education after high school.
SAT/PSAT Test Prep for 10th and 11th Graders

Sessions are offered in-person or online on Fridays from 11:00am – 12:30pm until April 9th (excluding March 26th).  All sessions are free, but registration is required for planning.  


Interested in earning both college and high school credit by taking courses at Front Range Community College? Students can take up to two pre-approved college classes each semester through the Concurrent Enrollment Program. The tuition of these courses are paid for by the district and families are responsible for the cost of books and any additional fees! Please visit the Skyline High School  or talk with your counselor for more information!