US History A, B

U.S. History focuses on three critical areas: (1) the use of historical method of inquiry to ask questions, evaluate primary and

secondary sources, critically analyze and interpret data, and develop interpretations defended by evidence; (2) the understanding of

key concepts of continuity and change, cause and effect, complexity, unity, and diversity over time; and (3) the appreciation of the

significance of ideas as powerful forces throughout history. Its intent is to help the students gain an understanding of the major

political, economic and social events that have shaped the nation. The course emphasizes 20th Century United States history and

the contemporary world. These concepts and associated skills are aligned with the Colorado Academic Standards for Social

Studies, incorporating 21st Century skills and postsecondary and workforce readiness competencies.

Course Subject
Course Number
SS120A, SS120B
Grade Level
Course Duration
1 Year
Course Credit
1 Credit
Course Fee