Yearbook Information

You are only able to purchase the 2019-2020 yearbook at the reduced price of $60 until December.  After that, the price goes to $65 so order a yearbook today!





Senior Yearbook Guidelines

We are hoping to bring back the tradition of seniors having a senior quote under their picture in the yearbook.  The 12th grade English teachers will be working with students to find a quote that is meaningful to them and that will stand the test of time. A Google form link will be given to students by English teachers so that they can submit your senior quote by Tuesday, October 15th; however, if you do not receive this link by Tuesday, October 15th, please send your quote (25 words or less, with author name) to  Please have the subject line be "First & Last Name - Senior Quote".

If we don't have enough seniors sending in quotes, we will not be able to print them, so please remember to send in your quote with your senior portrait.


Senior Pictures

Senior photos are due on Tuesday, October 15th.  There will be a $10 late fee for any pictures submitted after this date until November 1st, after which we will no longer be accepting photos.  Administration and yearbook staff reserve the right to refuse your photograph if it is inappropriate (e.g. reference rto alcohol, drugs, inappropriate language, etc.), so please make good choices and use good judgment with your submissions.  We also do not accept pictures with hand signals of any kind.  If you can't afford a photographer, and would like to have a senior portrait, the yearbook staff will be taking senior photos (for a $10 suggested donation).  Yearbook meets in room 229 during A4, so just email ahead of time if you would like us to take your photo for you.

Please provide a vertical headshot that is a high-resolution jpeg (minimum 300 DPI). 

CLICK HERE to submit your senior photo.

The senior photos need to be submitted directly to the Jostens website.  If you are having problems uploading, please email or stop by room 257.


Senior Photo Guidelines (Our goal is to achieve a unifying appearance of all senior photos in the yearbook).

  • Photo must be VERTICAL.  No horizontal photos.  If a horizontal photo is submitted, it will be cropped to vertical.
  • Student must be sitting or standing.  No photos of students lying on the ground.
  • Clothing and jewelry must be in accordance with school dress code guidelines.  Refer to the District Dress Code for specific details.  No strapless tops and no low necklines (no cleavage showing).
  • No props.  This includes, but is not limited to:  animals, hats, cars, sunglasses, musical instruments, or other people.  These photos are all about you!
  • Simple backgrounds work the best.
  • Students must be the main focus of the photo.
  • Either indoor or outdoor photos are accepted.
  • No watermark, texture, name stamping, embossing, logo, or date stamp in the corner of photos.


Baby Pictures for the Senior Night Slideshow

Please submit your baby picture (limit of one) for the Senior Night slideshow to with your name & "Senior Slideshow Photo" in the subject line by Tuesday, October 15.


Senior Baby Ads (for the yearbook)

If you want to show off more of those baby pictures, Senior Recognition Ads can be purchased at until Friday, October 18th for early bird pricing.  They will remain on sale at the regular price until November 15th.  A package with more information will be mailed out in September.

After all the work of getting senior quotes and photos submitted, don't forget to buy a copy of the yearbook!  Baby ad pricing does not include the cost of the yearbook.


Buy Your Yearbook

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