STEM & VPA (Skyline's Personalized Academies by Design)

Students can explore passions through a combination of coursework and experiences that culminate in a senior capstone.  At Skyline, we believe that students are the drivers of their education.

We have created clearly defined focus programs in engineering, visual arts, and performing arts with strong courses that were created by our teachers.  Students will be able to take advantage of these courses to expand their areas of interest.  They will pursue their passions through these and other experiences as they move through high school.




performing arts focus

 visual arts focus

personalized focus

To honor students' interests and skills, they sometimes need to create their own pathway.  This option is designed for them.  This could be for students that want to combine their interests in STEM fields and the arts, or want to choose an original pathway based on their individual interests, strengths, and passions.  Because this is personalized, students will meet with their counselor and academic adviser to plan their path at Skyline.