Virtual Capstone Night 2020





Virtual Capstone Night Video




Capstone Work:


AP Research

Katelynn Archer:  "Content Analysis of Female Serial Killers in the Media"

Ethan Coulter:  “Instrumental Music and Effectiveness for Evoking Emotion”

Roman Garcia-Martinez:  "The Truth of Latinx Culture in Colorado High Schools"

Molly Hennessy:  "The Effectiveness of Teaching Communication Skills to Kids Diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder Through the Means of Therapeutic Riding"

Connor Kelso:  "Art in the Context of Streaming: Digitalization's Toll on Song Length"

Aron Messinger:  "Comparison Between Prosthetic Hand Drive Systems"

Logan Oliver:  "Analyzing the Effects of Online Political Activity on Young Voters During the 2016 Election"

Brooke Parkinson:  "A Content Analysis Study of the Bystander Effect in Media"

Reba Shrestha:  "Analysis of Physical Therapy"

Abigail Stoops:  "Animal-Assisted Activities in Aiding Human Recovery"


VPA - Visual

Maria Felan Wolfe:  Portfolio

Nikky Sims:  Portfolio

McKayla Perley:  Portfolio

Justin Jurado Regalado:  Portfolio


VPA - Performing

Maegan Ashby:  Portfolio    Solo

Madeline Bush:  Portfolio    Solo

Ethan Coulter:  Portfolio    Solo 1    Solo 2

Hannah Lewis-Bonneville:  Portfolio    Solo

Ella Movick:  Portfolio    Solo

Samantha Oravec:  Portfolio    Solo

Rachel Rieger:  Portfolio   Solo

Heather von Niederhausern:  Portfolio    Solo



Baton Timer:  Matthew Copley, Mason Jones, Jansen Herrmann, Sophia Lindauer, Amelia Rojas, Creighton Trembly

EcoBike:  Amber Copley, Jennifer Dunder, Logan Oliver, Tyler Oravec, Dalton Smith

Wheelchairables:  Christopher Roy, Braeden Elwood, Tyler Falkinburg, Jeremiah Jones, Riley Young

War Table:  Skylar Henry, Alan Misch, Benjamin Morrison, Nathaniel Salazar

Interactive Disposable Bin:  Vanshita Gosain, Uriel Martinez