Daily Announcements


  • Due to the adverse weather last week, Parent-Teacher Conferences were cancelled.  Skyline High School would like to honor the appointments that were made by parents and/or guardians to speak with teachers about their students' performance .  We will not be rescheduling "in-person" appointments, rather, if you made an appointment with a teacher, that teacher will be contacting you via phone, to talk about your student's progress.  Teachers will make every effort to make this contact prior to Spring Break.  If you do not hear from your student's teacher, please contact them via email.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Skyline High School.
  • Only 20 days until the PSAT/SAT...what are you doing to prepare?  Try some activities on the BINGO board and earn prizes along the way!
  • The 3v3 soccer tournament scheduled for tonight is POSTPONED until May.  More details will be available after spring break.  Thanks!
  • Come support the SVVSD Inaugural Lacrosse team at their first home game TOMORROW.  We will be taking on Golden at Erie High School.  The JV game is at 4:00pm and the #4-ranked varsity team game is at 6:00pm.  Come out and show your support for your fellow Skyline Falcons Liam Mitchum, Declan Karch, and Jackson Wanner!  Your sports passes will be honored for entry.
  • Jostens will be here during lunch on Friday, March 22nd to deliver graduation items (excluding caps and gowns).
  • If you are a current 10th or 11th grader and would like to take a Front Range class next year for both high school and college credit, please see your counselor to discuss the application process.



    -- Students are only allowed to receive food/beverage deliveries during lunch (from parents or delivery services).  If a student orders food and it arrives during lunch, they must meet the delivery driver or the delivery may be rejected.  Food will not be kept in the office for students, and students will not be called out of class to pick up food.  Food deliveries outside of lunch period may be rejected.  Any food deliveries remaining in the office after lunch period will be disposed of before the end of the day.

     -- If you are late for a class and are marked absent, be sure the teacher knows you have arrived.  Teachers are the only ones who can make that change.  Substitutes need to call the office to have the attendance changed.

     -- All students need a pass from a teacher to leave the commons during lunch.  If you do not have a pass, you will stay in the commons. 

     -- Students need to leave school by 2:45 each day unless they have arranged it with a teacher or ar participating in a scheduled activity.

     -- Students may not be dropped off or picked up in the west driveway, the administrator parking area, or the north staff parking lot. 

     -- All students and staff using the Skyline parking lots must have a current and visible parking permit in their car window.

     -- If a student forgets an item(s), their name will be called during the next passing period.  It is disruptive to the class when students are called out.