Daily Announcements

TUESDAY, MAY 28, 2019

  • Graduation and Other Live Streams:  CLICK HERE to see live streams from the Falcon Tech Awards, Senior Night, and Graduation.
  • Technology Reminder:  Graduates, your district email will be disabled on June 30th so be sure to transfer any email you want to keep, to a personal email account.  Your account will not be accessible by anyone after that date.  CLICK HERE for a list of technology reminders for graduating seniors.
  • Summer School registration is open until May 29th!  If you have any outstanding grades of "F", please plan on registering for a class or two to get yourself back on track.  Summer School runs from June 5th through July 2nd.  CLICK HERE to register. or talk to your counselor.
  • School Hours Change beginning with the 2019-2020 school year:  The class day will run from 7:45am - 2:45pm.
  • Freshman begin on August 13th and all students begin classes on August 14th.



-- Please do not let others in when you come into the building.  We need to know who is entering everytime.

-- Please have your IDs ready to show at the camera and/or in the office.

-- Remember, no hoods up and no sunglasses are allowed to be worn in the building.

-- Students are only allowed to receive food/beverage deliveries during lunch (from parents or delivery services).  If a student orders food and it arrives during lunch, they must meet the delivery driver or the delivery may be rejected.  Food will not be kept in the office for students, and students will not be called out of class to pick up food.  Food deliveries outside of lunch period may be rejected.  Any food deliveries remaining in the office after lunch period will be disposed of before the end of the day.

     -- If you are late for a class and are marked absent, be sure the teacher knows you have arrived.  Teachers are the only ones who can make that change.  Substitutes need to call the office to have the attendance changed.

     -- All students need a pass from a teacher to leave the commons during lunch.  If you do not have a pass, you will stay in the commons. 

     -- Students need to leave school by 3:00 each day unless they have arranged it with a teacher or are participating in a scheduled activity.

     -- Students may not be dropped off or picked up in the west driveway, the administrator parking area, or the north staff parking lot. 

     -- All students and staff using the Skyline parking lots must have a current and visible parking permit in their car window.

     -- If a student forgets an item(s), their name will be called during the next passing period.  It is disruptive to the class when students are called out.