Booster Club

Skyline High School Booster Club Meeting Notes August 1, 2016

Those in Attendance: Board Members:

☒Suzie Triplett – Booster Club President☒Bruce Zimbelman - Booster Club Vice President☒Michelle Greger- Booster Club Vice President☐ – Treasurer☒Danielle Morrow – Secretary Directors☐Membership Director – Susan Welsh☒Concessions Director – Maribel Aguirre☐Apparel/Merchandise Director – Open position

Booster Supporters in attendance –Pete Aguirre and student Alexis Aguirre THANK YOU for coming!

Board Information – Bylaws – Bylaws are adopted and need to be distributed via our page and will provide emailed to directors and members. However; since we are looking for a new Treasurer we will need to have new signatures once he/she is appointed. We also need someone to take over Apparel/Merchandise as Kim had to step away and we would like to either merge a Volunteer Director into Membership Director or open a new position.

State of the Bank – Jackie is going to step back from Treasurer so we need another volunteer to be the Treasurer. We need to fill out some forms for us to receive the $500 for After Prom and to pay us from concessions. We are still working on the State of Colorado (it is estimated this will cost approximately $100), Suzie will contact Jackie to find out where we left off because we need to get in good standing with them we can get our Articles of Incorporation and Letter of Determination and then we will begin to look into the gaming license and apply for grants and we must complete our CU concession forms so we can be good with that. Sue Easerling will help us file our taxes for 2015; Bruce will talk to her to see if she will donate her time or find out how much it will cost for her to help us get in good standing. Michelle is still checking with Teresa O’neil about our taxes for one of the last three years and we should double check with Monty he should have the other two. The board also needs to put together a budget for 2016/2017. There is a question on the table if we purchased quickbooks.

Fundraising Opportunities –We have Concessions for CU football and Skyline: CU concessions we need to follow-up on the Fieldhouse it takes 12 adults which make $65 ($85 per lead) plus tips average is $120 per person. Boosters will work 6 football games but we need volunteers for September 10th because there is a Skyline football and volleyball game. We need ask Jackie if she will take the class to be the lead or find another volunteer that will be at all the games (this is an online training and class). The volunteer director will coordinate help for the CU concessions. As of 8/2/16 there was a vote and it was voted 2-3 to NOT do the CU concessions since we don’t have much turnout at the meetings and we have had some issues getting volunteers for other events. We will also be doing a SNAP fundraiser towards the end of the year; Ben Slafter is a rep and will be at our October 10th meeting to explain it and then we could send out the emails on 10/11 and let it run for six weeks. We are tabling the Gala for the time being and we will revisit later. The Holiday Market we will do again but it was voted to move the date of the Market to the first weekend of December (December 3rd) because we will have traffic flow from the Falcon Challenge. Dani will head up the Market again this year and if anyone is interested in helping please contact her.

Membership – We need a table and volunteer(s) for the following dates/events: August 9th and 10th - Falcon Days, August 11th - Fall Sports meeting, August 30th and 31st – iPad distribution nights, September 14th – Taste of Skyline (There will be more opportunities but this is what we know right now. We need to have a table set up with applications for new membership and renewal members. We REALLY need NEW MEMBERS and a documentation of what members are interested in. Brainstorm some ideas to attract more members to be at meetings and better way to track what members are interested in volunteering for. Old members need to renew. Bruce is making an electronic copy of the application we are going to email out to all parents and they can mail it back in, drop it off or bring it to an event. We are still looking for a Treasurer, Apparel/Merchandise director and possibly a Volunteer Coordinator.

Apparel & Merchandise –Extra shirts from Skazma order are in Leslie’s office. Cheer is also going to let us sell their extra shirts (there are 26) and we will pay them back as they sell; Maribel motioned to sell the shirts to Boosters for $5 on consignment and Bruce seconded it and all were in favor. We can start with these and then order more items for games and such as we have more cash flow. We will scrap the Spirit Pack for now until we have cash flow.

Concessions –Maribel is sending out the schedule of Volleyball and Football games to all coaches so other sports can sign up for a night or more. We need someone to open and close concessions at the school for the September 10, 2016 Volleyball game (there is a football game the same day). Maribel will put together an estimate of how much money she will need to start concession inventory. She is setting something else up with Chick-Fil-A where they will only deliver once and then when we run out we are out, we will make more money per sandwich this way. Maribel has Leslie’s folder from last year where it has information pertaining to concessions and what she ordered and such. Leslie also offered to go shopping with Maribel for the first one.

Upcoming Events: September 23rd - Homecoming Tailgate – This is to bring everyone together for a fun event to get excited about the game and support our falcon football team. We will have stuff for students to decorate their vehicles and encourage falcon involvement and spirit. We will also have some food and activities for everyone to participate in. Suzie has confirmed with the Bronco party bus and they will be there to provide music. We want to collaborate with Student council on this in the hopes they will have a “Spirit Train” headed to the game on Saturday. Also need to decide if we want to decorate at the field prior to everyone showing up and if we will have a handout (towel, bandana etc..). There is lemonade and tea left over from After Prom in the concession area, there is also a King Soopers card with a balance we can use. Below are open items that are being worked on for this event: Suzie – check on pizza donations and asking cheerleaders to make posters Bruce – pricing out balloons, glass markers, streamers and piñatas and checking on bonfire Michelle – please confirm if Boulder Snowie will be there and what they will be charging us Dani – checking on stuffed tigers to use and with the Steve about borrowing their cornhole game.

Open Items – The Baseball team still have discounted Rockies tickets for sale if you are interested in purchasing please let us know and we will put you in contact them - Heidi said there is a modular we might be able to use for storage; Dani will email Heidi about where Booster storage can be. - Dani is waiting to hear back from Leslie on the Booster Club link on our district webpage. - If students need volunteer hours we can use them at our events.

Next Meeting: September 12, 2016 @ 6:30 pm @ Skyline