School Profile

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School and Community

  • Enrollment: 1,482 students in grades 9-12
  • Accreditation: Rated at “Improvement” level by the Colorado Department of Education
  • Free/reduced lunch: 42% of our school population qualifies for this district service.
  • Schedule: SHS is on an every-other-day block schedule with 90-minute periods and a total of eight blocks. Every course receives .5 credit per semester. 
  • Community: Skyline is located in Longmont, Colorado, approximately 35 miles northwest of downtown Denver, in a mixed suburban and agricultural community. Skyline is one of nine high schools in the St. Vrain Valley School District, which stretches across Boulder and Weld Counties and educates over 32,000 students.

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to challenge students to achieve the highest levels of academic success so they may thrive in an increasingly diverse and complex world.


Skyline High School opened in the fall of 1978. The name “Skyline” was chosen by students. The school serves students living on the east side of Main Street as well as those students who apply for the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and VPA (Visual Performing Arts) Academies.

Attendance Boundaries

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STEM Academy

Our STEM courses are designed so that students have the opportunity to develop multi-cultural relationships within teams, to collaboratively solve problems and to develop leadership skills. STEM students will:

  • Utilize advanced technology and equipment in their STEM courses.
  • Investigate a wide variety of STEM-related fields, such as: robotics; biotechnology; renewable energy & sustainable living; assistive technologies; structural engineering; biomedical engineering; computer science, and others.
  • Collaborate with local businesses and industry through the Skyline Innovation Center.

VPA Academy

Skyline provides a rigorous, comprehensive and technology-infused arts program that will prepare our students for post-secondary education, careers, and other creative fields. VPA students will:

  • Choose an emphasis in Visual Arts or Performing Arts, benefitting from advanced courses in the visual arts, music, theater and/or dance.
  • Work with practicing artists in the community, compete in regional and state music and arts programs.
  • Create a comprehensive portfolio as part of the required VPA Capstone course during senior year.

Gradutation Requirements


  • English 4.0
  • Math 3.0
  • Science 3.0
  • Social Studies 3.5
  • Fine Arts 0.5
  • Practical Arts 0.5
  • Physical Ed. 2.0
  • Health 0.5
  • Electives 7.5