SAT Challenge

SAT Challenge for January/February:

Want to win a free SAT Study Guide?

Visit to participate in the SAT Challenge by uploading a video of yourself solving an SAT problem.

We want you to be more confident, prepared, and in control of your performance on the SAT, PSAT 10, and PSAT 9.  To help with this, we've created a social movement called "#thesatchallenge".  Each month, we'll pose a challenge, and by participating in this challenge, you could win an official CollegeBoard SAT Prep Book!!

If you have a social media account:

Simply follow us in one of these places, and we will randomly select five of anyone who follows us - before Thanksgiving break - on each account!!  Each person can only win one book, but you can triple your chances by following all three!!

  • Facebook (public page:  thesatchallenge)
  • Twitter (@thesatchallenge)
  • Instagram (@thesatchallenge)

If you do not have a social media account:

Not to fret!!  All challenges will have an opportunity to participate without needing an account.  For the first challenge, we just want to know you're out there...Go to and bookmark the site.  Take a screenshot and, from your school account, email it to, and you're in!!  We'll randomly select five emails received before Thanksgiving break.

Questions can be directed to and will be answered by Kimberly Wiggins, SVVSD Assessment Coordinator, or Ben Kalb, Instructional Technology Coach.

Notes:  One prize per winner; only currently-enrolled SVVSD students are eligible; not redeemable for cash/credit.