Unframed Art Show

An artist can find inspiration in the world around them. From majestic photography to the fine details in drawings, painting and pottery, St. Vrain students shine at this year’s districtwide Art Show, Unframed.

This annual art show will showcase various works of art representing a wide variety of forms and media used by student artists. Works of art include paintings, drawings, sculptures, photography, design, new media and much more from students in kindergarten through twelfth grade. And, every school in the district is represented at this show.

SAT / PSAT Testing Information

Juniors will take the SAT on Tuesday, April 10th and freshmen and sophomores take the PSAT on Wednesday, April 11th.   

CLICK HERE for the full schedule for April 10th and 11th.  Classes for ALL students begin at 12:15pm on both days.



Education Foundation honors outstanding SVVSD teachers

Each spring, the Education Foundation for the St. Vrain Valley hosts the Tribute to Teachers, which honors and recognizes the excellence of our teachers. Students, parents, colleagues and community members are invited to nominate teachers, and three from each school are selected to attend the event as finalists. During the event, one teacher from each school receives an Encore Award and a $100 gift card. Additionally, several teachers are honored as Spotlight educators and one as Teacher of the Year for their outstanding efforts on behalf of their schools and students.

Skyline Boosters Planning "After Prom"

The Booster Club is planning this year's After Prom and they need your help!

After Prom will be held Saturday, April 21 from 11:00pm - 2:30am at Skyline.  After Prom is a free, fun, and safe place for the kids to be, and it's open to all Skyline Junior's, Senior's, and their guests, whether or not they attended prom.  It's a night of activities, music, food, and prizes for the kids.  in order to make this event happen, though, we need your help.

Tribute to Teachers

Nominate one of our teachers who you believe exemplifies excellence!

Dear Parents, students, and business partners,

Thank you for your support of students and teachers in the St. Vrain Valley community.

One of our favorite events of the year is the Tribute to Teachers award celebration sponsored by the Education Foundation for the St. Vrain Valley.  We love it because it recognizes and honors our outstanding teachers for their excellence in teaching.

Safety and Security at Skyline

Safety and Security are extremely important in our schools!

All students and visitors are required to show an ID when they arrive. 

You will be asked to show your ID when you ring the buzzer and possibly again in the office.  Parents, you will be asked your name, your student's name, and the reason for your visit. 

Students, you are required to show an ID each time you come to the school and the door is locked.  If you do not have an ID, a new one will be printed for you and there is a $3.00 charge. 

Annual Bond Update and School Safety Town Hall Meetings

Student safety is a top priority across St. Vrain Valley Schools. This is the core of our work and we are committed to a consistently proactive approach to fulfilling our highest responsibility – ensuring the well-being, safety and growth of our children. We have implemented many programs and protocols to ensure the highest levels of school security, many of which are being replicated across the state and nationally. Along the way, we have heavily involved our community in shaping the safety and quality of our learning environments. In the past year alone, we have featured stories in district publications, developed news articles, earned media coverage, delivered school presentations and hosted 12 public meetings across every community in our district – all emphasizing our work to increase school safety and support student advancement.

New School Year Calendars

The school district has adopted calendars for the 2018-2019 and the 2019-2020 school years.

2018-2019 English

2018-2019 Spanish

Superintendent's Update

Dear St. Vrain Valley Community,

Public education is the cornerstone of our democracy. The impact of our schools and their role in shaping the future success of our society extends far beyond the smart boards, desks and walls of our classrooms. From economic development, to national security, to home and commercial property values, to business and corporate development, and community growth, our public schools provide a strong foundation for advancing the quality of our lives and the direction of our future.

Coffee With the Principal for Parents of Incoming Freshmen and New Students

The next Coffee with the Principal will be held on Thursday, February 15 from 7:45am - 8:45am.  This will be a time for parents of incoming freshmen and students new to Skyline, to speak with Principal Ringer.