Graduation will be indoors due to weather

Graduation day has arrived! 
Weather forecasts today look definitive for rain and thunderstorms, and to ensure the safety and comfort of our 2017 graduates and their guests, we will be hosting our graduation ceremony in our auditorium. As space is more limited inside, every student will be given four tickets to distribute to family members or friends to have a guaranteed seat inside the main ceremony. Please arrange to find your student shortly after 8:00 a.m. to receive your tickets – you must have a ticket to ensure a seat in the main ceremony.  
For any members of our community that we cannot accommodate in the auditorium, we will be hosting a live stream of the full ceremony in our commons area. Families and friends can also live stream the ceremony from any web-enabled device at (link will be live by 9:00 a.m.).
Thank you for your flexibility, we look forward to celebrating this momentous occasion with our community.
Heidi Ringer
Principal, Skyline High School