Priscilla Arasaki

Priscilla Arasaki recently completed her master's degree in music education at the University of Colorado Boulder. Before moving to Colorado, she worked in Austin, Texas as a middle school orchestra director, while also maintaining a private violin and piano studio. Priscilla received her bachelor degree in music studies from the Sara and Ernest Butler School of Music at the University of Texas at Austin. During her time there, she was a faculty member of the University of Texas String Project in which she created a piano theory curriculum, taught private lessons and group classes using a Suzuki model. At this time, Priscilla was encouraged to receive Suzuki certification through the Suzuki Association of the Americas and has completed training in violin books 1, 2, 3 and 5. Priscilla is interested in incorporating new ideas into her teaching and hopes to continue collaborating with different music educators to provide positive environments for her students.

Priscilla teaches Orchestra for Skyline. You can check out the Orchestra's website here


Contact Information:
Office Location
Room 155; Plan Periods: A2, B7