iPads and Technology


Beginning May 10th, if a student is leaving and not returning to SHS next fall (17-18), please do the following:

· Charge Battery: Must be above 50%. 

· Backup: Don’t lose data!

o iCloud → backup

o If having trouble backing up, delete all personal apps and/or use Google Photos to remove pictures/videos from device.

o Further help with backing devices: https://tinyurl.com/backuppackup

· “Erase all Content and Settings”

o Settings -- General -- Reset (at very bottom) -- Erase AppleID and Password

If a student is returning to SHS next fall, s/he will be issued the same iPad to use next school year. 

Here's a video (See Spanish Version Below) to help prepare for this process that will begin on Monday, May 15th. A couple hints: 

1.     Encourage your student to email their Apple ID and password to themselves and you, or they can write it down as a reminder for August. They will need it to sign into the iPad in the fall.

2.     Before returning the iPad, your student may wish to back up any of his/her student data. Information for doing so can be found on our district's LTP Family Connections website and/or the Apple website.  

3.     Your student will need to check-in his/her iPad, the case, and the wall charger (brick and cord). Any items damaged or not returned may result in a charge for a replacement.

4.     Any iPads not returned by May 24th will be treated as lost/stolen, and the iPad will be disabled. This may result in a $350.00 charge to cover the cost of the iPad.

Spanish Version of iPad Return Information here

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